In-ground and Above Ground Pool: Which is Better?

The fact of the matter is that both the in-ground pool and the above ground pool have become popular for many households. It can hardly be denied that an in-ground pool or an above ground pool can add value to your home. They can also improve the landscape of the house by providing a water feature that creates a pleasant look from inside the house or from the courtyard. Both the In-ground pool and the above ground pool have many benefits such as entertainment, exercise or relaxation.

Each type has both advantages and disadvantages. Thus, to answer the question ‘In-ground and above ground pool: which is better?’, we need to consider many following different factors.

Some Basic Information About the In-ground Pool and the Above Ground Pool

Before deciding which is better, we need to understand both types of pools.

At the first place, an in-ground pool is simply understood as a swimming pool which is built in the ground – just as its name suggests. In fact, an in-ground pool is usually a permanent installation. The in-ground pool has many types, meeting the needs of the users. The material to build them is also very diverse, for example, concrete with plaster or aggregate finishes, alternative finishes, fiberglass, vinyl, so forth.

Different from the in-ground pool, the above ground pool can be moved if necessary. Since it is not a permanent installation, you can remove it when you no longer need it. Although not fashionable (depending on your preference) and not as big as an in-ground pool, above swimming pools are great if you don’t plan to stay in your current residence for a long time because it is easy to install and move.

You can remove the above ground pool when you no longer need it. 

Compare In-ground and above ground pool

In the confrontation of 2 types of pools, this article also gives you 7 elements to consider, to help you decide the best type.

Pool Installation

The above ground pool can be quickly installed, in many cases it can be done in one to two days including cleaning and leveling stages, setting up the pool, installing lining and filled with water. In many places around the world, there are very few companies that provide installation of above ground pools. However, the installation is not too difficult for most handy homeowners. Because it is quite easy and simple to do that.

Besides, we usually take 6 to 8 weeks to install the in-ground pool. Difficulties in geography, geology, weather, and countless other fastidious factors make it difficult to build a pool in the ground. Actually, 6 to 8 weeks for a swimming pool is already fast. If the weather is good, pool builders can complete an In-ground pool faster than that. Vinyl pools or fiberglass tanks pools can be completed faster because they skip a few steps in the process. They are usually completed in four to six weeks.

Pool Cost

In fact, you will pay between $ 4000- $ 8000 for an above ground pool installed from a local dealer. Prices also depend on the size of the pool, materials, equipment and the quality of the ingredients. If the above-ground pools are deeper and thicker, with more durable materials, ladder systems, pool cleaners or larger, more efficient filtration systems, etc, it will cost far more expensive.

The in-ground pool costs between $ 30000 – $ 50000 for a pool installed from a local dealer. The same as the above ground pool, the price depends on the type and size of the pool; and it depends on the time of the market. Pool decks range from $ 4 per square mile to $ 24 per square mile, depending on the materials used such as wood, concrete, brick or stone.

Both types have their own advantages.


Actually, the space you use to build the pool does not determine the type of pool you should choose. However, it decides the shape of the pool.

You should choose a space without obstacles, trees to build the pool. The area of the space you currently have will determine the size and shape of the pool.


No matter what kind of pool, safety is still a top concern; especially the accident cases related to water is increasing at the present. Because there is no pool deck around and there are quite high walls, the above ground pools are often considered to be safer than the in-ground pools. However, we should not be subjective.

The safest pool is a pool with safety fences in the summer and a safety cover in winter. However, they are not used in the above ground pool.

Pool maintenance

It is said that the above ground pool is often more maintenance than the in-ground pool. Because they are often affected directly by environmental factors on the ground: sun, wind, storm, dust, etc. However, there is no denying that it depends on the pool equipment and the care for the pool of the owners and the users.

On contrast, that keeping the above ground pool clean is often easier thanks to larger and more efficient pumps, filters and cleaning equipment.

In fact, the cost of maintaining, cleaning and renovating the in-ground pool is much higher than the cost of maintaining the above ground pool.

Pool Permanence

The above ground pool is usually not permanent. It is often used in only a few seasons, perhaps up to 5 years. “Permanent” above ground pools can be used for much longer periods; however, the more time it is  used, the greater risk is.

Besides, the in-ground pool is usually a permanent installation and after about 25 years, it is renovated once. Especially, a pool lined with vinyl or a swimming pool made of fiberglass can last for decades.

Eternity brings many benefits to many people, but it can also be inconvenient for others.

Features of the pool

The in-ground pool can have attached spas. You can use gifts from nature such as fire features, waterfalls and other water features to create a great landscape. Moreover, no matter what type the pool is, maybe in-ground pool of above-ground pool, they can help you so much in improving your health.

You can also choose any shape for your pool not only round or oval. You can also freely choose colors for it. In particular, it is equipped with automatic pool covers or safety covers.

Another, a solid above ground pool can have a pool lighting system, heaters, automatic cleaners and salt chlorine systems.

Both the above ground pool and the in-ground pool have their own advantages. 

Through the above article, we can see that both the above ground pool and the in-ground pool have their own advantages. For question “In-ground and above ground pool: which is better? ”, everyone has their own answer and it may not be the same for others. Besides, your budget makes a huge decision to choose the right pool type.

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